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During the nuclear-charged 1960s, the KGB was active in sleepy Australian suburbia. For two years, the country’s security service, ASIO, secretly filmed meetings between a senior KGB officer, Ivan Skripov, and his British-born agent. Unknown to Skripov, she was a double agent - code name "Sylvia".

Sylvia’s final rendezvous with an unknown "KGB illegal" operative held the promise of exposing a network of Soviet spies that had infiltrated the British atomic and rocketry facilities in South Australia.


But the mission inexplicably failed and haunted Australia’s spies throughout the Cold War and beyond.

Six decades on, a reinvestigation of surveillance film taken at the final rendezvous uncovers startling evidence missed by ASIO - evidence which leads to the identification of the mystery illegal and the explosive discovery of an unknown KGB assassination on Australian soil.